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  • SARIA Industrie


    This is us: SARIA

    Our activities range from the animal feed industry and agriculture through a wide variety of industrial applications and products for the food industry to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation. more

  • Services


    produces organic fertilizers of the highest quality. more

  • Products

    SARIA produces many of the components

    used in the manufacture of high-energy feedstuffs for feeding production animals. more

  • Products

    SARIA supplies protein-rich additives 

    for the production of premium quality pet food. more

  • Aquaculture

    Fishmeal and fish oil, rich in protein

    and rich in protein and omega 3 are predestined for the breeding of food fish. more

This is us: SARIA

Are you aware that not everything that is left over in society needs to be wasted? 
We at SARIA see the value that lies in unused organic materials and we commit ourselves to a circular business model. This is what drives us as one group to do what wedo every day. To make use of organic materials in a way that’s sustainable and creates value for our partnersand the environment our subsidiaries.

Three divisions, one group, one mutual goal: Together towards a sustainable world and healthier living. 

NEPAVE PROJECT: "Application of new microbiological control strategies in the processing of poultry by-products and recovery alternatives for the rejection of feather":

SARVAL Bio-Industries is applying for a grant to fund the project. The main objective in the project is to evaluate two new tools to control microbiological contamination of by-products, equipment and final products. Click for more information.

MeCoHAP Project: "Strategies to improve the processing of fish by-products and the quality and preservation of the flours and oils obtained from them"

SARVAL Bio-Industries Noroeste also has the following project: "Strategies to improve the processing of fish by-products and the quality and preservation of the flours and oils obtained from them". Clic para más información.

Nuestro secreto: unir la actividad económica con el respeto al medio ambiente

SARIA es líder en la fabricación de productos de calidad para consumo humano, alimentación animal, acuicultura, aplicaciones farmacéuticas, industriales y del sector agrícola, utilizando en la elaboración subproductos animales y residuos orgánicos como materia prima .
SARIA también genera energía renovable y presta servicios al sector agrícola y a la industria alimentaria. Clic para más información.

News from SARIA-Group

Learn more about our business activities and current topics from our Group.

Statement by Nicolas Rottmann on the SAF project between SARIA and TotalEnergies

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SARIA and TotalEnergies join forces to produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)

SARIA and French multi-energy group TotalEnergies have signed an agreement to produce sustainable...

Another award of the EcoVadis silver medal

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SARIA Thumnail Bericht

Publication of the SARIA Group's second sustainability report

The SARIA-Group's second sustainability report has been published. After defining which...

Publication of the SARIA image film

With the release on the official YouTube channel of the SARIA Group and the integration on the...

Publication of SARIAnews 2021

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EcoVadis Medal

The SARIA Group has been awarded the silver medal in the EcoVadis sustainability rating. The...

Publication of the SARIA Group's first sustainability report

The SARIA Group's first sustainability report is an important milestone towards greater...

New SARIA organizational structure: 3 Divisions - 1 Group

In order to place the customer even more at the center of SARIA's activities, the Group's operating...

New SARIA Board member: Dr. Peter Hill

As of September 1st, 2020, Dr. Peter Hill joins the SARIA Executive Board and assumes...

New ReFood site uses innovative processing method

On June 15, 2020, ReFood will open a new site in Trossingen (Germany) and will rely on a new kind...

Publication of SARIAnews 2020

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EcoMotion becomes a cross-border business unit

In order to be able to develop its international activities in the field of sustainable biofuels...

New SARIA Board member: Nicolas Rottmann

Nicolas Rottmann has been a new member of the SARIA Executive Board since January 1st, 2020. He is...

The SARIA Framework: With clear positioning to sustainable success

Together with the Executive Board members, international management and many other colleagues, the...

Acquisition of the JKK Group in Poland

SARIA's market position in Poland is further strengthened by the acquisition of the JKK Group,...